.........I've been very fortunate in my career. Every time I start thinking that it's probably time for me to find some other source of income, this little voice in my head chimes in and says "hey bud, you're really not qualified to do much else." And right about then the phone always rings and I'm off on another musical adventure....

This time it was Danny Toler on the line. Danny had been working in the winter and spring of '06 with a group based in Virginia Beach, VA called the TGZ Band. I had heard a few cuts from their sessions while on the road with Danny and The Renegades. Their music knocked me out. They sounded like Tower Of Power without the horns. Anyway, I wound up spending some weeks in Virginia Beach rehearsing with the band and preparing for a showcase for some agents and managers and several hundred close personal friends and family.

The first TGZ CD was officially released on August 7th and original members include: Singers Tony Green and Johnny Townsend, Guitarists Dan Toler and Ed Zinner, Keyboard players Ron Gary, Matt Zeiner and Malcolm Campbell, Bass player Avon Lucas and on drums, Johnny McKnight.

Tony Green and J.T.

Avon Lucas & Matt Zeiner

TGZ Rehearsal

"Scary" Ron Gary

Matt Zeiner

Johnny Mac

Ed Zinner

Avon and Child

Matt and Danny

It took us a while after Dan Toler's passing to get it up again for playing. A lot of the original guys are doing other things and gave us an opportunity to bring some different perspectives into the TGZ music family. The new version of The TGZ Band is in just as impressive and just as much fun. We're a 12 piece band with 4 horn players and 4 keyboard players. It's a monster of a sound and the musicians are all top shelf. We've done some recording and opened a show for Larry Carlton last fall just to get our feet wet. We're looking forward to resuming recording in the spring and hopefully be out performing this summer.

Meanwhile, let me introduce you to the current TGZ lineup. They are: John Townsend, Vocals & Piano, Ron Gary, Electric Piano & Synths, Ed Zinner, Guitars, Avon Lucas, Bass, Andy Fraga, Drums, John Toomey, Grand Piano, Taylor Caldwell, Hammond B-3,Tony Green, Vocals,Paul Lieberman, Tenor Sax, Jeff Galindo, Trombone, Scott Aruda, Trumpet, Peter Levesque, Alto Sax.

On Friday, January 30th 2015, I'll be heading back to Virginia Beach to do some more plotting and planning with the TGZ principals, Ed Zinner, Ron Gary, Myself and Paul Lieberman. We're looking at doing some more recording and a video in the coming month. I'll be chronicling the progress through the coming months. Peace, JT

Avon Lucas

Andy Fraga

Ed Zinner

Ron Gary

Tony Green
The Horns: Paul Lieberman, Jeff Galindo
Scott Aruda and Peter Levesque.

Taylor Caldwell

John Toomey

Johnny T.

- The Dirty Dozen -




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